by Anumeha Saxena

Menstruation is a topic that’s still not openly discussed in India and in keeping with the ‘sensibilities’ and ‘respecting’ society’s feelings at large, ads are made in similar way. But sorry, they are highly unrealistic as well as irritating. Menstruation is something that affects every woman in a different way because every body is different. Not all women experience pain or even the same amount of pain but for most the 5-day cycle is not a comfortable one.

On one hand, these period ads are trying to create ‘awareness’ about a natural bodily process, on the other hand, it is actually still trying to conform to the societal standards of hypocrisy by showing us how ‘those days’ don’t affect women at all. We can list at least 5 things that these ads get completely wrong:

1.  No, we don’t bleed blue



First and foremost, we aren’t octopuses. We definitely don’t bleed blue. Our menstrual blood, just like the blood in your veins is blood. Where’s the shame in showing that?


2. Wearing white as a rule



Every single sanitary pad ever has emphasised on pearly white clothes. Sure, there are women who don’t mind wearing white or light-coloured clothes but none of us are investing so much energy into our wardrobe while we’re cramping as you guys are.



3. Most jumping ever



Why are women in these ads shown to be abnormally excited? Jumping and hopping and running around like maniacs? We get that you’re trying to say that women need not be bogged down by periods but do they need to look like they’re hopped up on ‘meds’?


4. Pad soaking up water like a vacuum from hell



The iteration here is that you need not change your pad many times a day. OMG BUT YOU DO NEED TO … BECAUSE HYGIENE!


5. No check, no check


We get that you’re trying to sell your product but do play on women’s insecurities due to false advertising for a product that’s frankly uncomfortable is almost inhuman. To hell with your stupid XL wings, ‘blue-liquid’ lock technologies and liquid-turning-into-gel formulas, this doesn’t make your pads invincible products or make women worry less. Is being realistic too much to ask for?


AuthorBonjour Jolie