By Kathianne Boniello

A creepy Hofstra University women’s tennis coach fixated on his player’s menstrual cycle and served up awkward Internet advances, the player claims in a lawsuit. The coach claims it’s all lies, cooked up by an athlete bitter about not getting a bigger scholarship.

The star athlete said in an anonymous sexual harassment complaint filed against Hofstra earlier this year that school officials did nothing as Coach Jeffrey Menaker remarked on her period, sent her a Youtube video about how to tell if a girl is “into” a guy, and ordered female players to “shave their legs and dress nice.”

But it was all a lie, insists Menaker, who was fired after just nine months at the Long Island school, in his own lawsuit.

The coach has sued his former charge for defamation, claiming she made up the accusations after failing to get an increase in scholarship money, according to court papers.

The girl claimed in her lawsuit Menaker repeatedly commented on her menstrual cycle, once saying she appeared “sluggish” and adding, “it must be because she is on her period … she is supposed to be getting it around this time.”

Things grew more tense when she asked about an increase in her scholarship money, she claims.

After her request, the student claims, Menaker sent her a Youtube video, “Casually Explained: Is She Into You?” with cartoon figures and a narrator describing different romantic scenarios, each ending in the question, “Is she into you?” The video finishes with a couple having sex. The narrator quips that if the man cannot tell if the girl is into him, “she might be Canadian and just be being polite.” Both lawsuits say the player is Canadian.

She claims Menaker started threatening her position on the team when she failed to respond to the video. And when she complained to school officials about his behavior, she said, Menaker began trash-talking her to other student athletes, according to the Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit.

But it was all a set-up, according to a lawsuit Menaker filed under the initials A.B., in which he is identifiable by his title and the date he was hired. When he failed to immediately increase the girl’s scholarship money, she and another student cooked up the allegations against him, he alleged.

A third student alerted him to the scam, said Menaker, who now works for Berkeley College, based in Manhattan and New Jersey.

According to his lawsuit, the third student came forward when the accuser and her roommate filmed various teammates dancing, then posted the video with the hashtag, “when your coach gets fired!”

When the other student confronted the accuser, the accuser threatened to make up lies about her as well, Menaker charges. Menaker is suing the girl for $100,000.

Hofstra is “confident it handled this matter appropriately” the school said through a spokeswoman before declining further comment.

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