As much as we don’t like being told that our anger is caused by our periods, the cramps can get us aggravated too.

Ladies, we all know the monthly struggle of powering through menstrual cramps. Most of the time they get so unbearable that we can’t function for a whole day. And as much as we don’t like being told that our anger is caused by our periods, the cramps can get us aggravated too. Unless we have painkillers and hot compress on hand everywhere we go.

You might also be wondering if there are more natural and accessible remedies to period cramps. Be glad to know that there are foods that’ll make it easier for you. It will also save you from taking medicine that taste bad all the time.


Bananas contain boron, a mineral that absorbs calcium and phosphorus, which can reduce the intensity and length of menstrual cramps. Bustle also noted that it helps relax your abdominal muscles.


Period cramps are often caused by water retention. The best way to remedy this is by increasing your water intake or eating water-based foods like watermelon. This will give you hydration, prevent bloating, and increase blood flow.

Chamomile tea

WebMD states that chamomile tea contains glycine, which is an anti-inflammatory chemical that relieves muscle spasms. Opt for this instead of picking up a cocktail to cure your cramps since alcohol can only prolong the pain.

Dark chocolate

Many say that eating chocolate can actually worsen your period cramps because of its high levels of sugar and caffeine. I know, it’s sad for those who often crave them during that time of the month. However, Cosmopolitan UK suggests that you can still indulge on dark chocolate since it has less sugar and rich in magnesium, an anti-inflammatory mineral.


It’s found that women who eat fish rich in Omega-3 and fatty acids like salmon experience milder period pain. Huffington Post advises that a plate of salmon can give you an ample amount of these nutrients. Also, Glamour points out that eating salmon can reduce PMS symptoms.

Green leafy vegetables

If you’re always avoiding vegetables, it’s time to change that. Green leafy veggies like spinach, kale, and arugula are rich in iron and calcium, which ease cramps. They also replenish your energy so you can get up and do work with no problem.


Almonds have manganese, a natural muscle relaxant which is perfect for period cramps. You can eat these by themselves or mix them in your low-fat yogurt, which is also an effective remedy. You can also bring almonds anywhere and snack on them while working or doing errands.


AuthorBonjour Jolie