In southeastern Australia this weekend by any chance? Visit Crimson Tide: A Period Piece, a water ballet by The Clams on Saturday 18 March in the Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre in Melbourne.

Inspired by the menstrual cycle, this lighthearted show features a four part soundtrack which is synced to the four stages of the monthly cycle. The water ballerinas all wear red bathing suits and use items like giant pool float tampons and a 15 metre piece of red fabric in their performance.

The Clams started as a joke. Rectification: as a feminist book club. However, the women were more into promoting period acceptance than into reading books. As one of the members already practised synchronised swimming, finding a location to break the everlasting menstrual taboo was easy: the swimming pool. A place where nearly every woman has experienced period issues at least once in her life.


Tampon tax

In Australia, there’s a lot going on about normalising periods and reducing the stigma of menstruation. Logical, because they still have a tampon tax Down Under; sanitary items are classed as a luxury and come with 10% GST. The Clams (yes, ‘clam’ is also urban slang for ‘vagina’) want to get rid of this tax and make tampons and pads accessible for everyone. Therefore, proceeds of the performance will go to a non-profit organisation that delivers sanitary items to disadvantaged women.

DJ Whiskey Houston (now who does that sound like) supplies the beats, also at the pool party that’s held afterwards. So if you’re in the Melbourne area, make sure to bring your bathing suit and get ready to ride the Crimson Tide!

AuthorBonjour Jolie