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Why do you usually set out to travel in life? Unless of course it's work, you do it because you need a break from your regular routine every once in a while, right?

The point is that this "break" can not only "break" the monotony of life, but can "break" your menstrual cycle too!

"Yes, travel can lead to irregular periods sometimes," agreed Dr Loveleena Nadir, senior consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician with Fortis La Femme, Delhi.

An early period or a delayed one, or no period at all; one that lasts longer than 5 days or one that ends earlier; a heavier flow or a scanty one-there's no hard and fast rule about the "kind" of change you're likely to experience according to Nadir. Because each body reacts differently.

But Here's Why The Irregularities Happen

The logic is as simple as it gets: What happens when you've been leading a healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet and suddenly you stop working out and start eating junk to your heart's content? Obviously, the weighing-scale needle swings to the undesirable side as you pile on the extra kilos.

The point is that any deviation or change from your regular routine can throw your body in a state of shock and thus, it is bound to react. Same is the case with your menstrual cycle, you see.

"When on a holiday, you basically deviate from your regular routine and thus a variety of factors can lead to a hormonal imbalance that can ultimately lead to irregular periods," explained Dr Anuradha Kapur, gynaecologist at Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi.

What Are These Factors Though?

#1 Stress

Stress can make your life difficult

Hail (or maybe not) the biggest factor that can seriously goof up your hormones and well--your menstrual cycle.

If you're wondering how travel can cause stress at all, think of all the times when you've lost your s**t over what to pack, over catching a flight, over reaching on time, and obviously, all the pre-holiday anxiety. Now that you know what we're talking about, let's get to the point.

Even a kid knows that stress leads to an increase in the cortisol hormone in our body. And that intrusive hormone is enough to throw it off balance and lead to irregular periods.

#2 Jet Lag

Your body-clock gets disturbed. 

Apart from the disturbance in your sleep cycle adding to stress, there's another way that travelling across time zones can disturb your hormones.

Research scientist Anna Druet, who works with the period-tracking app Clue had a rather interesting explanation about this scenario.

"When we travel across time zones, we suddenly become exposed to light at different times of the day. This above all throws off our circadian rhythms," Anna told Broadly. "Research has shown that even a small amount of dim, artificial light triggers hormonal changes in the body."

And by now, you already know how hormonal changes single-handedly control the arrival of Aunty Flow in life.

#3 That Eat-Drink-Don't Sleep-Eat-Repeat Holiday Mood

Deviation fom regular routine can disturb your menstrual cycle. 

In the very initial stage of the article, we mentioned how any deviation from your regular routine can lead to irregular periods, right?

While on a holiday, there isn't just one deviation, there are a LOT of them. You eat to your heart's content, you prefer chilling and boozing with friends, and good sleep takes a backseat. These clubbed together lead to--you know what. Hormonal changes, d-uh! How, then can you expect Aunty Flow to be her usual self?

#Temperature Changes

Temperature changes also affect your menstrual cycle. 

According to a report in Elite Daily, the temperatures outside your body can affect what's happening inside your body.

This, Bootsy ChuChu founder Siena Dixon said, has got to do with the fact that sunshine helps our body to secrete 'follicle stimulating hormone' (FHS), that helps to regulate the reproductive processes of the body.

Hence, in a colder environment, "you may ovulate less frequently, and experience a longer menstrual cycle."

"The cold constricts our blood vessels which, as a result, can increase period pain and alter menstrual blood flow," Dixon added.

Calm Down Ladies, There's No Need To Fret

Irregular periods caused due to travelling shouldn't worry you as this happens only once in a while according to Nadir. However, don't ignore the problem if it persists, we say.

Till then, travel safe and have a lot of fun.

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