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There are a lot of changes happening in your body during menstruation or your periods. Triggered by the hormonal changes it is not just the heavy bleeding, cramps and fatigue that you have to put up with, that time if the month also makes you face certain unwanted symptoms that is frustration, to say the least. One of them is to deal with a foul-smelling body odour throughout the day. Every woman has to face this disgusting side-effect of periods; however, the intensity of the smelly odour can differ from one woman to other. Here are some menstrual hygiene tips that every girl should follow.

Bad body odour during periods, not a cause-effect thing, there is a lot of chemical changes happening, hormonal imbalances, acid-alkaline balance going for a toss which leads to the same. Another reason for body odour during periods could be the period or menstrual blood itself. Blood has a particular odour of its own, but menstrual blood is not just blood, it also includes tissues, the lining of the uterus, bacteria, mucus all of which makes the period blood smell the way it is. The vagina being the moistest area, more so when you are in your periods also makes it the most suitable place for bacteria to breed. When the pH balance of the area is disturbed due to bacterial growth the area is subjected to a kind of odour which definitely isn’t very pleasing. So, the odour of your period blood coupled with the vaginal odour could also be a reason why you smell bad during periods, apart from the hormones playing its part. Did you know you can suffer from gingivitis during periods?

One way to ensure that you smell good or at least don’t emit a foul-smelling odour when around people is to keep changing your pads regularly and keep the vaginal area clean. However, that might not be enough at times and if body odour issue is bothering you a lot during that time of the month, try this trick – have a warm bath with neem leaves. Here is what happens to your body during periods.

It is an age-old saying that neem leaves help to get rid of the bacteria and fungi that can take refuge in the fold of your skin and keep you healthy. In this way, they also help to fight body odour and make you smell good. In a bucket full of warm water soak some neem leaves for at least 30-minutes and then take a bath with the same. A warm bath during periods is actually refreshing and adding the neem leaves to it just helps to fight body odour better. This herbal remedy keeps body odour at bay better than the chemically loaded deodorants and perfumes.

In case you are living in an urban jungle and find it difficult to get neem leaves, buy a pack of neem powder from the chemist or an Ayurvedic shop. Mix one scoop of same in a bucket full of lukewarm water before you take bath. This is a tried and tested method which works. Try it if you also want to get rid of foul smelling body odour during periods.


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