What is this box?

This is a Premium Monthly Subscription Box Designed Exclusively for All who Menstruate to Be Pampered on Their Period! #periodbox #subscriptionbox

Each Subscription Box Contains

Up to 20 Menstrual Items (pads, tampons, liners) you can select one full sealed box or mix and match a combo of Menstrual Products

A Hand Curated Gift

Specialty Bath and Body Pampering Items

Artisan Confections

Teas and Drinks

Hygiene Wipes


Where do you ship?

We ship Worldwide including all Military Addresses. Exception - Per USPS restrictions, we do not ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Do you ship to APO addresses?

YES! We ship to all APO and FPO addresses.

We also have a special offer for military members special savings! (military addresses only) Email us for details

How much is the box?

For our monthly subscription box it is 16.50 USD. (shipping is extra and varies via location)

Trying just one box with out a subscription is 20.50 USD (shipping is extra and varies via location)

What currency do your charge in?

We are a US based company and all our prices are displayed in USD. Your individual prices may vary (if you are an international buyer) depending on that days conversion rate to your specific currency.

How much is shipping?

Currently, shipping is a flat rate per box:

6.99 USD for all 50 USA States, Territories, APO and FPO addresses

13.99 USD for Shipping to Canada

19.99 USD Worldwide International Shipping

When will my one time purchase box be shipped?

You can expect your first box to be sent out within 7 Business Days or less.

When will my subscription box be shipped?

US Customers:

You can expect your first box to be shipped out within 10 Business Days or less.

We ship with a Shipping Partner which relays boxes to the USPS for US Shipments

For your second box, you pick out your ship date, (you can change your ship out date in your personal account any time)

International Customers:

Customers can expect their first box to be shipped out within 10 Business Days.

For your second box, you pick out your ship date, (you can change your ship out date in your personal account any time)

We ship with a Shipping Partner which relays boxes to your local post office for International shipments.

Shipping for Future Boxes

You pick out your ship date for all future boxes. (you can change your ship out date in your personal account any time)

We charge on the 1st of the month, if your account is declined on the 1st, your box will not ship out on time. If your account is charged after the 1st, your box will ship out on the next available ship date.

When will I be charged?

You are charged instantly when you place your order.

Subscriptions will be re-billed on the 1st of every month.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the hygienic nature of the items, returns are not accepted ever.

We do not refund for items that are not liked or used.

We offer an exchange of damaged or defective items only. Please email us a picture of the damaged or defective item at [email protected]

Is this only for tampons"

Not at all, we offer tampons, pads, and liners. Full sealed boxes of items or loose mix and match combos.

How many Items do I get?

You can choose up to 20 items total in any combination of tampons, pads, or liners. For instance, you could order 10 tampons, 5 pads, and 5 liners adding up to 20 total!

We have added a NEW option, you can now choose the traditional combo OR a full sealed box of tampons!

What brands do you carry?

We strive to carry all commercially available brands and sizes sold in the USA. Including:

Always: Always, Always Infinity, Always Radiant Infinity*

Ob Tampons

Playtex: Playtex Gentle Glide, Playtex Sport*

Seventh Generation - Organic Pads and Tampons

Softcup: Disposable Menstrual Cups -


Tampax: Tampax Radiant, Tampax Cardboard, Tampax Pearl*

U by Kotex

*We offer scented and unscented products

What is your cut off date?

Our cutoff date for the current months box is the 25th of each month. All boxes purchased after the 25th will be the following months boxes. Example, a Box purchased January 24th will be the January box, a box purchased January 25th will be the February box that is sent out.

Do you have special boxes?

YES! We currently have over 15 different Specialty Boxes

First Period Box for those young folks who have just started their period journey.

Mens-truate Box for Men who Menstruate

Gender Neutral Box for Gender Fluid Folks who Menstruate

Gluten Free Box for those with Celiac Disease

Vegan Box for those looking for Vegan Foods

Sugar Free Box for those with Diabetes or Blood Sugar Issues

Kosher Box - Foods adhering to Jewish Dietary Restrictions

Halal Box - Foods adhering to Islamic Dietary Restrictions

PCOS Box - Gluten Free and Vegan Snacks as recommended for PCOS symptoms

Caffeine Free - Containing drinks that are free of caffeine

Nut Free - Containing all nut free food and pampering products

"Just the Goods" All the Awesomeness of our many choices of boxes, without the Menstrual Supplies

"Just the Goods" can be tailored to be Vegan, Gluten Free, or any of the above choices.

Can I order Special Items?

Yes! We have the option of ordering extra candy, extra pampering items, extra pain killers, heating pads, and more!

I have food allergies, can you accommodate these?

Absolutely! In your personal profile, please check your allergies.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is via email, at [email protected]

We will respond during normal business hours, Monday Thru Friday 9AM - 4PM CST. (Central Standard Time)

We can also be reached via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Why do you not have a phone number?

We are proud of our customer service team! Currently all our customer service agents are of the Deaf Community. They are wonderful employees and do a fantastic job of answering emails online without the need to be hearing able.

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday Thru Friday 9AM - 5PM CST. (Central Standard Time)

Are you ever closed?

We are closed on the weekends and all major holidays.

I want to change my items, what do I do?

Simply login into your account, go into your profile and you can change your date, menstrual items, allergies, address, credit card, and more.

The login link is at the top right of our website, or you can Login Here

I forgot my password, what do I do?

You can easily obtain a new password by going to the login page and clicking on the forgot password link. From there you will be automatically sent a temporary new password and then you can change your password in your account.

There was a problem with my last box, what do I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] if there is an issue, and we will work with you to correct it.

Please note, we do not refund for items or boxes damaged or lost. We only send out replacements. We require picture proof of all claims of damaged items, without pictures we will not replace an item, no exceptions. .

How do I cancel?

We will be disappointed to see you go, but canceling is as simple as sending us an email to [email protected]. You have until the 28th of each month to cancel.

If you cancel on or after the 29th, your account will still be charged and you will be cancelled for the following month. No exceptions.

Please Note: Requests made via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc will not be accepted for cancellation. You must send us a new and separate email to [email protected] to cancel your account. You will receive a cancellation confirmation to ensure your account is cancelled. All other methods are not valid for cancellation.

If you have any general questions, please feel free to ask us at [email protected]

Need a new type of pads or tampons this month? Sure!

Need to change the date of your delivery? We can do it!

Want your period to go away? Sorry, we aren't that good!