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The Homeless Period Project



564,708 people were homeless last night in the United States.

    Of that number, 181,177 were women or transgender.





Imagine living on the streets

Imagine having to find shelter under a bridge or in the woods

Imagine the extreme cold and blistering heat of being outdoors

Imagine not having access to a toilet and running water

Imagine having no access to laundry facilities and showers

Now imagine you are experiencing all that,  while on your Period.


This is what the Homeless Period is.

What are We Doing About It?


We are collecting donations for Homeless Period Packs.


Each Pack contains:

2 months worth of Pads and Tampons

1 pack of hygiene wipes and 2 Facecloths

Bottled Water and Advil Packs

1 Toothpaste and 1 Toothbrush

1 Bar of Soap

2 Disposable Razors

Band-aids and Triple Antibiotic Cream

1 set of Tweezers

1 comb

2 pairs of Socks


Our goal is to give 5000 Packs to help the Homeless in our Area!


We are Giving back Dignity.

How Can You Help?


Donate Today to Help give Dignity back to Homeless!





In Kind Donations Can Be Sent To :

Bonjour Jolie

5200 Lillian Hwy #3455

Pensacola, Fl 32516

Our Next Volunteer Day is set for 7 AM on February 2, 2019. Come Join Us!


Immanuel Lutheran Church 24 W Wright St, Pensacola, FL 32501


We will be cooking breakfast, sharing some love,

and passing out Bags of Dignity!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors!